Automotive Warranty Solutions

In spite of tremendous investments in technology to reduce warranty costs and improve quality initiatives, sustained warranty cost reduction has proven elusive for many automobile manufacturers.

Part of the problem is that precise identification of the problematic parts and under-performing suppliers is a difficult, time consuming and often very expensive process. While automobile production, sales operations and repairs generate valuable data that could identify defective parts and processes, this data cannot be fully leveraged because it is too massive to be cost-effectively analyzed by database and data warehouse technology providers. These systems are hampered by architectural constraints that make it very difficult, if not impossible, to cost effectively perform complex analyses and reporting on massive data sets with the speed and accuracy business teams need.

PDQ's hosted analytical applications can help automotive manufacturers eliminate these technology obstacles and dramatically reduce the time and cost of analyzing and reporting on critical warranty data - down to the most basic element, such as a part number.

We can help automotive manufacturers achieve the following:

  • Identify the worst offending parts
  • Identify the lowest performing suppliers
  • Identify plant processes that are producing the highest quality parts
  • Drive significant warranty cost reduction through performance-based part selection and supplier improvement
  • Substantially reduce IT operating costs by leveraging a hosted applications model that eliminates the need to perform analyses on expensive internal systems

With PDQ, automotive manufacturers can fundamentally reduce the cost structure of analyzing massive data sets, getting answers to questions that were previously considered too difficult or too expensive to determine.