Making public data work for you

PDQ's team of analysts and researchers has extensive experience in helping corporations, researchers and individuals get answers and insights from leading demographic data resources, such as the U.S. Census. PDQ offers the most complete set of demographic data, including detailed knowledge of U.S. census microdata files.

Whether it is providing a municipality with population projections to justify increased public spending - or helping a marketing executive fine tune a lead generation campaign - PDQ is dedicated to making public data sources a valuable yet affordable resource.

Using PDQ-Explore, we can rapidly analyze complex demographic data from a variety of sources, enabling us to answer our client's questions with unmatched speed, depth and precision.

Rapid Response Helps Secure Funding

Our client needed to identify the counts of families within a particular state living at various levels of poverty, data that is unavailable from any U.S. Census publication or the Census American FactFinder web site. Our client needed these numbers broken out in a couple of different ways for a presentation to a state government committee the next day. His goal was to secure $30M in federal funds. PDQ was able to quickly meet the client's needs well before the deadline, helping him secure the funding he needed.