PDQ for National, State and Local Government

National, state and local government agencies collect enormous amounts of valuable data. Cost-effectively utilizing that data, however, is frequently a challenge. The sheer size of the data - often millions of records -- is often a major obstacle to performing in-depth analysis and reporting within acceptable timeframes and budgets.

With PDQ-Explore, government agencies can analyze massive data sets quickly and cost effectively. Whether deployed as a hosted application or located on-site, PDQ-Explore is expressly designed to help non-technical researchers and policy analysts quickly perform investigative analyses that shed light on critical issues.

PDQ-Explore includes the most complete set of public U.S. census data, including American Community Survey data, and can support applications that integrate this information with other data sets. Additionally, our team of experienced demographers and data analysts can offer advice and expertise to help solve the most challenging data analysis problems.

PDQ can help national, state and local government agencies achieve the following:

  • Analyze massive, complex data and utilize findings within acceptable timeframes and budgets
  • Leverage local, state and national demographic data to improve planning and budget forecasting
  • Perform follow-on, deep-dive investigative analysis to detect emerging trends or issues
  • Easily extend application usage to other staff members through an intuitive, Web-based UI
  • Create reports that can be used immediately or queried further - without requiring additional programming
  • Reduce operational costs by leveraging PDQ-Explore running on commodity PC-server hardware

Designed expressly for in-depth investigative analysis on data sets comprising even billions of records, PDQ- Explore's iterative ad hoc querying capabilities allow non-technical policy analysts and researchers to truly explore data, gaining knowledge with each new query. Unlike other statistical packages, PDQ-Explore doesn't require users to know exactly what result they're looking for before they begin their work. Data can be queried, and based upon results returned, questions can be further refined. With PDQ-Explore, users can stay focused on getting answers to important questions - not on managing or manipulating the data.